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Floors:The projetc, Philosophy

“Floors” is my latest photographic research. It is an exploration of our culture, habits, and history, which I stumbled upon while walking on the streets of the world. Roads are a testimony of our existence, an infinite history book that transcends down generations the violence, accidents, beauty, and complexity of humankind better than any monument ever will. They are a graphic memory of our times; a disorganized archive of our civilization that continuously morphs and amalgamates the ancient with the new. I started this project a year ago, but I have been looking at the ground my entire life, finding extracts of people’s lives, precious treasures, and art. Paying particular attention to our floors, we find unintentional replicas of the abstractionism of Mirò and Kandinsky. The surrealism of  Dalì and the symbolic romanticism of Twombly. The indelible, soft marks left by nature of the fading seasons, as well as messages of love and hate are engraved in the fresh concrete of our communities. I call it “Floors” because that’s where we walk barefoot, where we feel at home, and that’s the sense I’d like to transmit with this work about the world (I see and feel). Every street has its own DNA, made up of its unique history and heritage–no two are the same. This work aims to codify the interminable genome of our existence, written on the land on which we walk. All pictures are spontaneous and taken in just a few seconds. What you see is exactly what I encounter, taken simply with my iPhone, on the spot.

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